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MINI Mystery Panel Pack- Limit 2 per Customer

Regular price $15.00 USD
Regular price Sale price $15.00 USD

Mystery Panel Pack LIMIT 2 Per Customer


This is an unsewn craft panel pack. It will include 4 random past run panels.  You will need a sewing machine, backing material and polyfil, adhesive magnetic sheets and other supplies to complete this project. Only the printed craft panels are included. Panels pictured are from a previous Panel Pack Sale and may not reflect current panel inventory. Pictured tickers are not included - a random sticker is included.

These are like our Mystery Packs, but they will have ONE $7.50 panel and three of the slightly smaller $4-5 panels. They all have four panels total and they do not have flaws. Shipping is additional.

No Exchanges. No Refunds. No Requests.

Let's make sure they are available for many Makers! :)